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Understanding how to work with designers will help you achieve great results fast, which is why we’ve put together the following tips to help you get fruitful working relationship with the designer you choose from the start.

Of course the first place to start is by preparing a comprehensive brief for your designer this should, at the very least, include:

  • how many design concepts are needed;
  • any specific fonts, colours, logos etc that need to be used
  • what format designs need to be delivered in
  • aims of the project, i.e. promoting a new product or creating a new image for a company; and who the target audience is.

Once you have agreed on a brief and budget for producing the finished design you have a solid base on which to build your client-designer relationship. The following tips should help you to continue to work well together until the project is complete.

  • Have an initial meeting with your designer to arrange a design schedule, this should ensure you and the designer know when certain points in the project should be achieved.
  • Depending on the size of the project arrange weekly or monthly review meetings and ensure that the design project leader agrees to send you a number of proofs before creating the final version of the design.
  • If possible offer the designer some specific examples of the sort of thing you want to achieve, whether it’s a list of websites you like or logos you think work well. This will help the designer get a feel for the style you are looking for.
  • Effective communication with the designer or design agency is key because the primary role in the design process for clients is to offer constructive feedback. The feedback you give should be specific so the designer knows exactly what you want and can tailor the design accordingly.
  • Try to remain open minded at all times. If you have chosen your company well then the designer will know more about what works and what doesn’t work for your type of design project. However do ask questions and talk openly about any concerns you may have, and then listen carefully to the designer’s response.

Now that you know how to forge a good relationship with a designer, whether it is a web designer for your new website or a graphic designer who is updating your graphic image you can use our search to find the ideal designer for your design project locally.

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